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Remove Z/M Attributes

NAME: Remove Z and M Attributes from Shapefiles 1.1   (Click Name to Download)

Aka: remove_zm.avx

Last modified:  November 22, 2005

TOPICS:  PointZ, PolylineZ, PolygonZ, PointM, PolylineM, PolygonM, Measured

AUTHOR:  Jeff Jenness, GIS Analyst

Jenness Enterprises

3020 N. Schevene Blvd.

Flagstaff, AZ 86004

DESCRIPTION:  This is a fairly simple extension that takes shapefiles with Z or M attributes and converts them into basic shapefiles.  I wrote this because many of my other extensions only work with Point, Line or Polygon features and they crash when confronted with a PointZ, PolylineZ, PolygonZ, PointM, PolylineM or PolygonM feature.  Often the Z or M attributes are not necessary for the types of analyses those other extensions do, so users can use this extension to make a usable copy of their data to use with those extensions.

REQUIRES:  This extension requires either a Z- or M-type feature theme to be present and selected in your view.

This extension also requires that the file "avdlog.dll" be present in the ArcView/BIN32 directory (or $AVBIN/avdlog.dll) and that the Dialog Designer extension be located in your ArcView/ext32 directory, which they usually are if you're running AV 3.1 or better. The Dialog Designer doesn't have to be loaded; it just has to be available. If you are running AV 3.0a, you can download the appropriate files for free from ESRI at: 

General Instructions:

1)  Begin by placing the "conv_shapes.avx" file into the ArcView extensions directory (../../Av_gis30/Arcview/ext32/).

2)  After starting ArcView, load the extension by clicking on File --> Extensions… , scrolling down through the list of available extensions, and then checking on the checkbox next to the extension called "Convert Z/M to Shapes."

3)  Open your view and find the button.

4)  This tool is intended to operate on a single active Z- or M-type feature theme.  Select one from your View table of contents and the button will become enabled.  The button will only be enabled if there is a single Z- or M-type feature theme active.  These themes can be identified by opening the table and looking at the shape type listed in the Shape field:

5)  When you click the button, the tool will ask you where you want to save your new shapefile, then it will create it and add it to your view:

Enjoy! Please contact the author if you have problems or find bugs.

            Jeff Jenness                            

            Jenness Enterprises                

            3020 N. Schevene Blvd.                     (928) 607-4638

            Flagstaff, AZ  86004


Please visit Jenness Enterprises ArcView Extensions site for more ArcView Extensions and other software by the author.  We also offer customized ArcView-based GIS consultation services to help you meet your specific data analysis and application development needs.