A Day for a Teacher

Sunlight crept through the bear printed curtains;
The desks were lined up straight.
The chalkboard was cleaned.
Pencils were sharpened
And waiting for little hands to choose.
The teacher took a moment to pray for a jubilant day.

At the shrill cry of the morning bell, slight bundles of energy
Clad in blue-jeans and eagle shirts burst through the door,
Toothless grins and wiggly teeth framed cheery greetings
For their teacher.

"Here's an apple. Mom said I have to give it to you."
"Teacher, I lost a tooth and the tooth fairy came…."
"Here's my homework…"
"Oops, I forgot it again……"
"Teacher, my mom got a new baby and she's coming home today…."
"My dad is coming for me early and he said I must be ready. Is it 2 o'clock yet?"
"I'm hungry. When do we eat?"
"I think I have to GO--to the bathroom!"
"How many hours before we go home?"

The teacher greeted them with hugs and patience,
Soothed their queries and counted to three.
The day had started.
Right hands helped say the Pledge.
The principal announced good news.
Then came the work for the day.

First came reading, then spelling, English and math.
"Take-away means less"
Lunch was something noodly and red.
Recess was spirited and loud.

A trip to the library was on tippy toes.
Storytime was told about monkeys -to monkeys, it seemed.
Science was all about pumpkins.
How many seeds do you think it has?

Suddenly it was 2:30,
Time to go home!
Goodbyes were given out with hugs and homework.
A lost backpack was found.
Mini-vans and holding-hands took the children home.
The teacher sat in a little chair and closed her eyes.
The sun hid behind the mountains.
Another day ended,
For the teacher.

For Sallie-lest you ever forget!
Diana Jenness
September 20, 2000

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