Hi, Hi

Christmas Poem, 1999

Hi, Hi,
We won't cry.
The snow is falling from the sky!
Visions of old times flash through my brain,
I just hope it won't turn to rain.
The children are shopping,
I am hopping,
from the bed room to tree,
With newly wrapped,
presents balanced on my knee.

You see, Santa needed help this year.
His elves are a'bed,
with infections in their ears.
Those pointy little things that are on topses,
got toasted by the sun,
as they played in the tropics.
The poor little guys just closed their eyes and cried, we can't do
Get someone to help you!

That's when Santa called me and said ,
Diana, we need you, are you available?
We'll even come to clean off your table.
I cried yes--who can pass such an offer,
and maybe Santa will bring the doll that I asked for.

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