The Gift


A miracle happened to me today.
I looked into a child's face
And my wrinkled frowns melted away.
I don't remember her dress,
How her hair was combed,
Or even if her shoes were tied,
Just the magnificent feeling of seeing inside,
To the depth of her childlike heart,
The innocence of her soul.

"I love you, teacher," she said with a big grin
on her face.
It didn't matter that I had greeted her
with a frown
When she appeared at the door
one minute late that morning,
Or that I had crossly filled her spelling test
With angry red slashes.
It was just a simple
"I love you, teacher. This is for you."

She had drawn a big heart on her paper
And handed it back to me.
"I luve u techr."
It said inside.
That is the miracle,
The flash inside the soul of an innocent,
And a glimpse into the loving face of God.
This is God's gift to a teacher.

To Betty, my dear and loving friend, on your retirement. You have received the gift of love from your students, friends, and family. Don't forget the times you were able to look into the hearts and souls of your precious children.

Diana Jenness
March 29, 2001

Diana Jenness Verbeth and Nate