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     Input and Output Unit Definitions:  All measurements units included with Unit Converter come with definitions in case you get curious about them.  The INPUT and OUTPUT definition windows (pictured here) can be opened by right-clicking on the INPUT and OUTPUT measurement unit boxes, or by selecting them from the HELP menu (under Definitions), or by typing [Control]-I and [Control]-O. 

     These INPUT and OUTPUT definition windows will tell you the measurement class and definition of whatever input and output measurement units are currently selected.  As you select new measurement units, the definitions in these windows will change to reflect the new units.


     General Definition Box:  The General Definition window (pictured below) is not dependent on the currently selected measurement units.  Any measurement unit can be defined in this window.  This definition window can be opened through the HELP menu (under Definitions) or by typing [Control]-G.

    Because of the large number of measurement units in this list (1,000+), you might find it easier to type the first letter of your unit to speed your search.  For example, if you're interested in the unit ropes, you can speed your search by first typing the letter "r" which will take you straight to radians.  Typing the letter "r" repeatedly will scroll you through all units beginning with r and eventually you'll hit ropes.  Alternatively, you could type the letter "r" and then click on the down-arrow just to the right of the unit name, displaying the list of units scrolled down such that radians is at the top of the window.