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     If you are downloading Unit Converter from the web, begin by downloading and saving the file Convert.exe to your hard drive somewhere.  If you have Unit Converter on a CD, you can run Convert.exe straight off the CD.  Convert.exe is a self-extracting ZIP file using the WinZip 8.0 Self-Extraction utility, and you must run this file to begin the installation.  You can run Convert.exe in one of two ways: 


Open Windows Explorer, find Convert.exe on your hard drive or CD ROM drive, then simply double-click on the icon to start the installation, or


Click START, then RUN.., then type in the pathname of Convert.exe

    When you run Convert.exe, you will see this window prompting you to begin the installation by hitting the “Setup” key.  Click on “Setup” and the installation will begin.  You will be asked the standard installation questions, such as where you want the software located on your hard drive.

   You may get alerts during the installation notifying you that the Setup routine is about to replace a newer version of various files from your computer with older versions of those files from this installation.  You will be asked if you want to keep your newer files, or replace them with older files.  If this happens, I strongly recommend that you keep your newer files.  Unit Converter should still run fine using your newer files.

   IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT RUNNING A *.EXE PROGRAM YOU DOWNLOADED OFF THE WEB, you can use WinZip 8.0 to open this file and extract the setup files without running Convert.exe.  WinZip 8.0 can be downloaded at http://www.winzip.com.  If you take this route, you will use WinZip to extract three files (Setup.lst, Setup.exe, and Unit Converter.CAB).  After you’ve extracted these files, you still need to run Setup.exe to install the program.



1)  Click the “START” button

2)  Select “Settings”

3)  Select “Control Panel”

4)  Click on “Add/Remove Programs”

5)  Find “Unit Converter” in the list and select it.