Mashuganah Schmatas

Crazy Scarves and Accessories by Lolo!

     Each scarf is individually hand-knitted by Lois in Flagstaff, Arizona and made of vibrantly colored threads of unusual texture.  These scarves add a flashy touch to any outfit, from blue jeans to a velvet formal, and can be worn around the neck or as a sash around the waist.  Most scarves are about 5 1/2 feet long and 4-5 inches wide.  These lightweight scarves are made of a combination of viscose and polyamide tactel threads, which are extremely soft to the touch and definitely eye-catching.  Purse pouches are available as special orders. More colors will be available.  Keep checking for updates on this page.

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Stormy Night  
Indian Summer  
Rhapsody in Blue  
Winter Moon  
Harvest Copper  
Draw-String Purse  
Arizona Turquoise  

5% of my sales will be donated to charitable organizations such as Northland Hospice.  Thanks for your support!

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December 2004:   I am currently out of many of my most popular colors.  If a scarf is needed, feel free to contact me via e-mail and I will tell you what is available.